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Verstappen supported in world title race: 'Think it's going to be Max'

Verstappen supported in world title race: 'Think it's going to be Max'

23-09-2021 20:26 Last update: 21:33


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are still fighting for the lead in the world championship. Where the Dutchman is five points ahead of his competitor, the Grand Prix of Russia could change that.

Both drivers have faced criticism from the media on several occasions during the season. Hamilton caused an off-track accident at Silverstone and the Red Bull driver did the same in Italy, according to race officials.

"The reality is these two drivers are absolutely professional, they know what they're doing and they know getting into the lead early on during the race is critical," stated Ron Dennis, former McLaren boss, in conversation with Sky Sports. "That's when they really take risk and sometimes it comes off and sometimes it doesn't, and one thing that both of them doesn't want to show the other is that they are going to back off, that they are going to be intimidated."

Dennis has confidence in Verstappen

Dennis personally expects Verstappen to grab the world title. "I have a tremendous respect for the technologists at Red Bull and I think Honda have stabilised their engine performance very well. So I think it's going to be Verstappen. If it's not, it will be not because they lack performance but because they make mistakes."

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