Can Verstappen beat Mercedes in Sochi? 'We often came just a bit short'

23-09-2021 17:33 | Updated: 23-09-2021 18:33
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Can Verstappen beat Mercedes in Sochi? 'We often came just a bit short'

This weekend the Russian Grand Prix is scheduled. A lot of rain is predicted during the weekend, which could make the race exciting.

Mercedes is a dominant team at the Sochi circuit. The team won every race there since 2014. "You still have a lot of straights here and of course they just had a good car in recent years, so then you go fast here as well. We often came just a bit short, also on the straights and in the race", Max Verstappen told The Dutchman took Red Bull Racing's first podium at the Russian circuit last year.

Can Red Bull put an end to their rivals' dominance at the track? "In general I expect it to be better this year, but with the chance of rain it remains to be seen. It's less predictable in the rain than on a dry track, but I think we're fast in both situations this season, so I don't have a real preference."

Battle is all about details

The Dutchman continued: "It's in the details where the difference is made compared to Mercedes. You can have a good car, but then you have to get everything out of it in terms of set-up. We have to get the best out of it every weekend. Some tracks suit a car better than others. It's been close all season and it changes who is faster. I think that will continue."

Verstappen is not worried about all the opinions surrounding the incident at Monza. "I don't get nervous about it otherwise. I get in my car, I have a gas pedal, brake pedal and steering wheel, and that's what it's all about. It doesn't matter how much is written about it, the principle remains the same for me. We're back in Sochi now and that's what we need to focus on."

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