Verstappen: "I know when to pick my battles and when not"

23-09-2021 16:44 | Updated: 23-09-2021 18:31
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Verstappen: I know when to pick my battles and when not

The battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes is exciting. The gap between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is only five points and in the constructors' championship, it can still go either way.

Verstappen is happy he can finally fight for the title. "It's great to fight for the championship. I know when to pick my battles and when not. When I think there is an opportunity, I go for it. Also it is against your title rival, so of course you try to be ahead all the time, within margins of course", he told F1TV.

The Dutchman talks about his fight with Hamilton. "Sometimes you have great battles where it was super close and you pull it off or the other person does and it looks amazing and everyone is happy. If one of the people moved a tiny bit more and you have a crash, everyone is like 'why did you go for the move?'".

Incidents can happen

After the incident at Monza, many people have an opinion on Verstappen's action. "It is a super fine line to say you are too aggressive or it was a great move. That always happens in F1 and it will always stay and it always easy to judge and say something afterwards with anything in life."

"Like I said those things can happen in racing and I also think that sometimes it should happen because it keeps everything exciting and I think we also should be able to forget, forgive and move on!", Verstappen finished.

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