Verstappen answers Hamilton: "That shows he doesn't really know me"

23-09-2021 14:18 | Updated: 23-09-2021 14:41
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Verstappen answers Hamilton: That shows he doesn't really know me

Earlier Lewis Hamilton said in the press conference in Sochi that he could empathise with Max Verstappen, and that he is under extra pressure because he is fighting for his first title. Asked for his reaction to those statements, Verstappen has a nice sarcastic answer ready.

Hamilton said he remembers well fighting for his first title himself, and the emotions and pressure that came with it. He seems to imply that Verstappen feels extra pressure because he is in the same situation now. In the press conference, of course, those statements are immediately put to him.

Verstappen has a sarcastic answer for Hamilton

According to the Dutchman, his rival is miles wrong, and he, therefore, provides Hamilton with a sarcastic response. "Yes, I'm so nervous I can't sleep," Verstappen said, laughing. "From those statements, it's clear that he doesn't really know me."

According to the Red Bull Racing driver, that's not necessary either, but he stresses that he's relaxed about it and doesn't feel any extra pressure. "I'm very relaxed," said the championship leader.

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