Brawn praises role of social media in Formula 1: 'Just look at Zandvoort'

22-09-2021 16:56 | Updated: 22-09-2021 18:24
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Brawn praises role of social media in Formula 1: 'Just look at Zandvoort'

Formula 1 has become more open in recent years, particularly thanks to social media and allowing filming for the Netflix series Drive to Survive. This allows the public to get a look behind the scenes where previously it was not possible. A good development according to Ross Brawn, sporting director of Formula 1.

Bernie Ecclestone was at the helm of the sport for decades, until American Liberty media took over the commercial rights. After that, the premier class of motorsports underwent a true metamorphosis in terms of openness to the public. Social media plays a major role in this, but also the recordings of Drive to Survive give fans a unique look behind the scenes.

Formula 1 undergoing positive changes according to Brawn

Brawn sees this as a positive change. "Formula 1 seems to be changing. It has become more open-minded, and people within the sport are now looking at it as a whole rather than just looking at themselves," he says in conversation with

The sporting director thinks social media around the return to Zandvoort has also played a big part. "Social media has exploded in Formula 1, five years ago it was very small. Zandvoort, would that have happened five years ago?" said Brawn.

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