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Vettel on Max's crash at Monza: 'None of us have that intention'

Vettel on Max's crash at Monza: 'None of us have that intention'

22-09-2021 12:54 Last update: 16:04


For Sebastian Vettel the current season is the first year that he is competing for the Aston Martin team. Whereas the German could be found at the front of the field for years as a driver for Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, he is now battling for scant, but important points in the midfield. That Vettel nevertheless likes his spell at Aston Martin was proven recently when he extended his contract with Lawrence Stroll's team.

Man or machine?

As mentioned, Vettel was competing for the title himself for many years, something he did very well at Red Bull Racing. The Heppenheimer won four world titles with the Austrian racing team. At Ferrari, he was long the only challenger to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, although he never really came close to a fifth title.

At SkySports Vettel is asked for his prediction when it comes to the world title this year. Will the power of the car decide who becomes world champion, or is it still the driver who drives it that will be the deciding factor? "I think the machines look similar, so I think the driver will be decisive. But yes, I'm watching from a distance, so it's not our primary focus at the moment."

Vettel's view on the crash

After numerous incidents between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the question is: can the two still race each other fairly from this point on, or is it always going to end in a crash? "I don't think so. I don't think any of us have any intention of crashing. But as it turns out, when things go wrong, sometimes someone is to blame, sometimes not. I think it's normal. It's then up to the stewards and people to decide if someone was at fault, which I don't think is always easy, because every situation is different. But as long as you're not involved yourself it's not that important to you."

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