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Sainz relishes battle Verstappen and Hamilton: 'Season full of passion'

Sainz relishes battle Verstappen and Hamilton: 'Season full of passion'

21-09-2021 15:50 Last update: 17:28


Carlos Sainz is in his seventh season in Formula 1, just like Max Verstappen. After three years at Toro Rosso, the Spaniard ended up at Ferrari via Renault and McLaren. A long-cherished dream for Sainz.

An entertaining and passionate season

Sainz's results at Ferrari so far have not been without merit. The Spaniard is seventh in the world championship, just 6,5 points behind teammate Charles Leclerc. He has also been on the podium twice this season. Second in Monaco and third in Hungary. Ferrari is slowly clawing its way back from last season's trough and Sainz hopes that the upward trend will continue in the coming years.

Meanwhile Verstappen, Sainz's old teammate at Toro Rosso, is embroiled in the battle for the world championship with Lewis Hamilton. Sainz does enjoy that battle between the two rivals. "We are experiencing a beautiful and entertaining season full of passion. There is overtaking in all corners and we are talking about two drivers who are at the highest level."

Decision in Abu Dhabi

After Monza, the difference between Verstappen and Hamilton is just five points and the two have been evenly matched all season. Sainz believes this will remain the case for the rest of the season. "I can well imagine that the decision will only come at the World Cup final [in Abu Dhabi]," he said.

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