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Bottas does not expect an easy weekend at Mercedes circuit Sochi

Bottas does not expect an easy weekend at Mercedes circuit Sochi

21-09-2021 12:51 Last update: 13:38


When it comes to Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes will not remember the Italian Grand Prix with too many good feelings. Valtteri Bottas however managed to drive from the back of the field to the podium, which made the Finn very happy. And then there is the circuit where he had his most successes: Sochi Autodrom.

Competition from Red Bull and McLaren

In the F1 Nation Podcast Bottas was asked about his and Mercedes' chances: "I always go to Sochi full of confidence. It has normally been a good circuit for me in terms of results. I've won there a few times and I've always been good there."

For Mercedes, it will feel no different to Bottas. The team has won every race there has been so far in Sochi. "As a team, we have always been strong there, but this year is different. It is not guaranteed that we will take the lead. There will definitely be competition from Red Bull at least, and even McLaren and Ferrari are pretty close. So it won't be an easy weekend, but of course, I'm looking forward to it."

Pure Mercedes track

So despite the track appearing to be made for the Mercedes, the Finn isn't entirely comfortable with it. "There are a few good straights and a lot of medium corners. And that has always been good for our car. And as a driver, you can definitely make the difference. The first year we went to Sotchi, I got the rhythm pretty quickly and I've been able to build on that every year. However, as I said, it won't be that easy this year."

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