This is the advice Vettel has for Hamilton regarding his new teammate in 2022

17-09-2021 13:01 | Updated: 17-09-2021 15:03
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This is the advice Vettel has for Hamilton regarding his new teammate in 2022

For a long time there was uncertainty about who would fill the second seat at Mercedes next season, next to Lewis Hamilton. Did they opt for the youth and a less comfortable teammate for Hamilton with George Russell? Or did Mercedes attach more value to the calmness within the team with Valtteri Bottas? After much deliberation, the choice fell on the young Russell.

Leclerc has advice for Russell

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc also joined the team at a young age a few years ago and was at the front of the field at the time. Another valid comparison is that Leclerc also came into the team alongside a seasoned racing driver: Sebastian Vettel, who has won the Red Bull Racing championship on numerous occasions. On he shares with Russell some of the life lessons he learned during that process.

"It's a great opportunity for him and he's also in a very good position because as I was with Seb at the end, I had a multi-world champion next to me and, of course for us as young drivers being young, it's a great opportunity to show what you can do and learn from the best," Leclerc said.

Vettel has advice for Hamilton

In reverse order, Sebastian Vettel might have some tips for Lewis Hamilton when it comes to the situation of a new young driver joining your team: "I don't know, Lewis is old enough, he doesn't need much advice. Every situation is different as well; yeah, I think when you get to race with a new teammate, you always get things that you can learn on both sides as well."

"That's how it was when Charles joined the team and looking back I enjoyed it, I've always been very open and straightforward, and I learned a similar way of working from Charles as well, so it was pretty straightforward between us, which was nice," said Vettel, who himself recently extended his contract at Aston Martin.

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