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Albon at Williams unable to share information from Mercedes to Red Bull

Albon at Williams unable to share information from Mercedes to Red Bull

16-09-2021 13:48 Last update: 14:44

Alexander Albon will make his return to Formula 1 at Williams in 2022, but will not be told every detail within the team. This is because Toto Wolff has made sure that Mercedes' data is not to be shared with anyone.

Williams, as a customer of Mercedes, obviously has the necessary data on the German engine, but Albon will learn little about it next year. Of course, he is a real Williams driver from 2022 onwards, but his ties with Red Bull have not been completely severed. It is precisely for situations like this that Mercedes have devised various clauses for their customers.

Albon shielded at Williams

''What was important for us is if a driver from another power unit manufacturer joins the team then there are very strict and clear IP confidentiality clauses. That was always in great harmony with Williams, they know exactly where we are coming from and what is important to protect,'' Wolff said according to

What exactly the consequences will be for Albon is still unclear. What is clear is that he can give little or no information to the top people at Red Bull Racing. ''I have no idea, to be honest. It hasn't been talked about yet. Still, things are ongoing. We'll have to wait and see what they are,'' the Thai concluded.

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