More damage to Hamilton's car? 'We still need to look at this'

15-09-2021 19:23 | Updated: 15-09-2021 23:01
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More damage to Hamilton's car? 'We still need to look at this'

In the usual debrief on Youtube Mercedes-directors Andrew Shovlin and James Vowles answer strategic as well as technical questions regarding the recently completed Grand Prix. Asked about the state of Lewis Hamilton's car after the crash with Max Verstappen the two don't seem to be at ease yet. They give an overview of the damage.

"We had a bit of time with the car before leaving the circuit to make a quick assessment", Shovlin begins. This brief inspection revealed the following: "The rear wing is quite badly damaged, you will have seen how far that got bent over during the crash."

Shovlin continues, stating that it was mainly the halo that had to take the hit. "There is a bit of superficial damage around the wings and the floor, but most of the impact was taken by the roll hoop area and the halo itself. That came off quite badly."

Closer inspection

Although the engine seemed undamaged after the brief inspection, the strategic director is still unsure about the condition of the gearbox. "The quick look at the PU is that that looks okay and the gearbox will have a bit more of a look into that when it gets back here", said Shovlin.

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