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'Hamilton has given up on giving Verstappen space since Silverstone'

'Hamilton has given up on giving Verstappen space since Silverstone'

15-09-2021 06:53 Last update: 09:34


Max Verstappen was handed a three-place grid penalty for his crash with Lewis Hamilton. Martin Brundle however thinks that the Dutchman is not to blame and that it was just a racing incident.

Hamilton versus Verstappen

The iconic moment of the Italian Grand Prix will probably stay with us for a long time. Verstappen had his car on top of Hamilton's after the Dutchman attempted to overtake at the first chicane. It was all or nothing for the Red Bull driver, who couldn't let this opportunity pass.

''The call that Max should have taken to the escape road as a matter, of course, doesn't stack up because then the 'move' is then over as you must to yield position. They both knew he had to complete the chicane on track. If this is the expected default course of action why is the escape road full of nasty and potentially car damaging 'sausage kerbs', and why are drivers regularly penalised for using them here and at the second chicane?," Brundle wonders in his column for Sky Sports wonders.

Race incident at Monza

''Lewis turned in expecting Max to take to the runoff, as indeed had happened the other way around earlier in the race and back in Imola for example. Max hoped there would be enough space, but Lewis gave up yielding back at Silverstone on race day. Maybe it was an over-ambitious move but it had to be made. Max was fully committed, perhaps he should have braked or backed out of the throttle but I doubt there was time, and he wanted the pass.''

''At the end of the day their rear tyres connected which is quite telling. Maybe Lewis should have yielded and given more space in that split second, he was a long way into the middle of the track towards turn two, but why should he? That's why in live commentary I called it a racing incident and I stand by that'', concludes the former F1 driver.

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