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Coulthard: That's what it was, nothing more, nothing less

Coulthard: "That's what it was, nothing more, nothing less"

13-09-2021 15:35 Last update: 17:27

David Coulthard doesn't think Max Verstappen should have been blamed by the stewards at the Italian Grand Prix. The former Red Bull Racing driver puts it down to a 'racing incident' and says Verstappen probably did not intend to crash with Lewis Hamilton's W12 on purpose.

"I don't believe there was any intent on the part of any of the drivers," Coulthard revealed to "We are not behind the wheel, the stewards are not behind the wheel, it is the drivers who have to do it. And you are dealing with two drivers who are eager to win and are fighting wheel to wheel. It's up to them to make the decisions at that point. So in this case it's about two of the best drivers in the world having to decide what's right in the heat of the moment."

The other is guilty

However, the 13-time Grand Prix winner knows Verstappen and Hamilton will both point to the other regarding the incident. "But neither of them will raise their hand and shout that it was their fault. They will both put the blame on the other." In the end, the 23-year-old Limburger received a three-place grid penalty.

The big question is how will the two drivers get on now? Verstappen thinks he and his British rival are professional enough to move on, while Hamilton seemed to be pretty angry with rival. Coulthard also thinks we shouldn't look too much behind it further. "It is what it is. It's two of the best drivers crashing with each other. It is what it was. Nothing more and nothing less."

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