Red Bull also beaten by McLaren in the pit lane

13-09-2021 13:43 | Updated: 13-09-2021 14:59
Red Bull also beaten by McLaren in the pit lane

Nine times out of ten it is Red Bull Racing with the fastest pit stop on Sunday at a Grand Prix, but in Italy it was McLaren who managed to change four tyres the fastest. The dubious honour of the slowest pit stop does go to Red Bull.

Verstappen's first and only pit stop took over eleven seconds, making it by far the slowest Red Bull pit stop of the season. With Sergio Perez's pit stop the Austrian team had their act together a lot better. Red Bull's pit crew conceded just nine-hundredths of a second to McLaren's fastest time.

That the team of Verstappen and Perez will win the classification is now a certainty. The closest competitors Mercedes and Williams are miles behind and with eight Grands Prix to go. Both formations also scored fewer points than Red Bull this weekend.

McLaren also wins this trophy in Italy

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