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Wolff on the crash: I would say it was a tactical foul from Verstappen

Wolff on the crash: "I would say it was a tactical foul" from Verstappen

12-09-2021 15:54

For the second time this season, the two World Championship rivals collided on track. This time, in the Italian Grand Prix, both drivers were forced to retire from the race. Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, reviews the incident which he feels is a tactical foul. 

"The stewards will decide who is to blame. But I would say it was a tactical foul, he probably knew that if Lewis stays ahead that's the race win. Doesn't look like he's alongside and he goes along the sausage kerbs in the middle," Wolff said in an interview with Sky Sports

First lap drama 

On the first lap, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton touched wheels. Hamilton went off the track, and left Verstappen to race ahead. Wolff points to this incident in a similar way to what Hamilton said. 

"If you compare it to Lewis at turn four on lap one, there was no space left and pushed off the track. Let's leave it to the stewards," Wolff added.  

"I think at that stage he was on the inside, went onto the sausage kerb and jumped. When you look at turn four he backed out. The incident when they crash, it was clear for Max that it would end in a crash. If we don't manage it in the right way, this will continue. We had a high-speed crash in Silverstone, now they land on Hamilton's head, maybe next time we get both."

Wolff finishes off by mentioning the halo, which helped keep Verstappen's car off Hamilton's head. "Fantastic for the halo."

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