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'Verstappen can win the title, but he must not miss any more points'

'Verstappen can win the title, but he must not miss any more points'

10-09-2021 09:27 Last update: 12:54


With only three points difference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the title fight in Formula 1 is still in full swing. Johnny Herbert talking with Motorsport.com is not one to make predictions, but he is looking forward to the race at Monza.

Title fight in F1

After years of watching an internal duel at Mercedes, 2021 is finally here again. Formula 1 will once again see a real title fight between two different drivers from two different teams. Hamilton is of course the driver with the most experience, but it is Verstappen who is currently top of the championship.

''Max is mature and getting more and more confident, as we have seen it increase with Lewis since 2007 until now. And Red Bull's chassis and Honda's engine are also very good at the moment,'' said the former Formula One driver.

Who will win at Monza?

''There is probably another penalty coming for Max because he has to take a fourth engine, which might become a factor, but if we look purely at speed, Red Bull has been faster and more consistent than Mercedes so far. I think Max is capable of winning the championship, but then the season will have to be perfect with him from now on. He can't miss any more points.''

For Red Bull, that will be a huge challenge at the circuit where Mercedes have been so dominant in recent years. ''This race at Monza will also be another interesting one when it comes to who will finish the weekend on top. The characteristics of this track seem to be in favour of Mercedes, but I am not one hundred percent sure if that is still the case. But that's the fun of this season, that every race we don't know,'' concludes Herbert.




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