Manager Verstappen hopes for extra help in Monza: "We do need him"

07-09-2021 08:58 | Updated: 07-09-2021 10:40
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Manager Verstappen hopes for extra help in Monza: We do need him

Sergio Perez has been brought to Red Bull Racing to assist Max Verstappen in the fight against Mercedes for the world titles. So far Perez has not been consistent enough in helping Verstappen. Raymond Vermeulen thinks that especially in Monza the help of the Mexican will be necessary.

Where is the help for Verstappen?

More than once in the 2021 season, Verstappen had to go at it alone against two Mercedes drivers. As a result, the tactical advantage often lay with the German racing team. His Mexican teammate has not shown often enough what he was brought to the team for, namely to neutralize the tactical advantage of Mercedes.

Verstappen's manager Vermeulen therefore hopes that Perez will be able to provide backing for the Dutchman at Monza. quotes the manager: "We do need him, because you see that Mercedes can play a strategic card. We have to react to what they do as a result."

Perez is especially needed in Monza

Vermeulen believes it's all about Red Bull being able to take control during a race, and for that an extra man up front is very welcome. Especially in Monza.

"Sergio has a fresh engine now, so he's fully equiped for Monza," Vermeulen continued. "Let's hope we see more of him this weekend, because that will be a tough test. After all, that's a track where Mercedes usually does well."

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