Verstappen still on a high: 'This was a dream weekend for us'

05-09-2021 19:05 | Updated: 05-09-2021 21:43
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Verstappen still on a high: 'This was a dream weekend for us'

Looking back on an impressive and unchallenged victory at Zandvoort, Max Verstappen says that all in all he experienced a dream weekend on his home turf. From the atmosphere to the fans to the eventual win, the Dutchman sees a race weekend as complete as it could have been. Nevertheless, a driver of his calibre knows that, fans or not, when the helmet goes on the absolute focus has to be there.

"Of course you dream of this," Verstappen began in front of the microphone of "It's not really a burden off my shoulders or anything like that, but this is the perfect weekend for us. And for all the people, of course, the weekend is fully complete with a race like this."

Verstappen continued: "Of course the pressure is enormous, but in the end you can't do more than your best. That's what I tried to do today as well ... You just have to focus on what you have to do. Once you're in the car, you have to be able to completely shut yourself off from that kind of thing and from all distractions."

"Of course it's super nice what's happening around you, but you have to deal with it professionally", the Dutchman concluded.

Title battle continues

Verstappen also can't help but look ahead to the continuation of the triple header in Italy. "Monza is of course also very important for us in the title fight. ... But anyway: this really is a dream weekend for us. I enjoyed it immensely."

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