Tanabe is recognised by the fans: "A warm welcome every day"

05-09-2021 10:04 | Updated: 05-09-2021 11:21
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Tanabe is recognised by the fans: A warm welcome every day

Honda can be satisfied after qualifying in Zandvoort. With Verstappen on pole and Pierre Gasly right behind Mercedes, they might even have a chance at a double podium in the race. And with the Japanese Grand Prix cancelled it might be a good substitute for their home race.

According to Toyoharu Tanabe not only the circuit, but also the atmosphere in Zandvoort reminded us of Suzuka. "There were crowds of fans in front of the gate. It was a scene reminiscent of Suzuka. From Tuesday and Wednesday the whole city of Suzuka is in the atmosphere of the Grand Prix, with more and more people coming to enjoy the race", he told AS-web.

Dutch audience knows Tanabe

"When the first day of the race started, the grandstands were already full and the crowd cheered enthusiastically. Every time max passed today there was a wave through the crowd. For me personally it felt like I was at Suzuka. I'd love to turn that support into even more power and I'm looking forward to the race."

So although there is no racing in Japan this season, the pressure at Zandvoort is therefore almost as high as it normally is at Suzuka. Tanabe says he has noticed that, thanks to Verstappen, many people here are also fans of Honda and he is recognised by the fans at the entrance. "We get a warm welcome every day," he says.

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