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Albon and Bottas the best cards for Alfa Romeo: 'We don't want a rookie'

Albon and Bottas the best cards for Alfa Romeo: 'We don't want a rookie'

04-09-2021 10:08 Last update: 10:26


Alfa Romeo is looking for at least one new driver after Kimi Raikkonen retires from F1 this season. If it is up to team principal Fred Vasseur the new driver will not be a rookie in F1 but a driver with experience in the top of motorsport.

Vasseur explains in conversation with Autosport.com that he prefers an experienced driver, because of the limited time in the car to get used to it. "I don't think it has to do with the changes in the regulations. I would say it has more to do with the limited number of test days. We do have to keep that in our mind in our driver selection."

Giovinazzi also still has a chance

"To me, it's much more about the number of testing days when you look at a rookie because you have six or eight days if you count testing at the end of the season as well." As a result, drivers such as Valtteri Bottas and Alexander Albon seem more likely to secure a seat, but Antonio Giovinazzi also seems to have good cards, with connections to Ferrari.

"We have a very strong relationship with Ferrari and we want to develop that relationship further. We are therefore looking closely at their training programme. The advantage is that we don't have to make a decision yet. Antonio still has some races to go and is in a good position. He is part of the family and is doing very well", Vasseur concludes.

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