Special Pirelli tyre not needed for banked corners at Zandvoort

03-09-2021 08:30 | Updated: 03-09-2021 10:29
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Special Pirelli tyre not needed for banked corners at Zandvoort

When Zandvoort was announced Pirelli quickly came up with the news that there might be a special tyre for the circuit with the two banked corners. Once they arrived in the Netherlands this was not necessary.

The Dutch Grand Prix was already on the calendar for 2020 and at that time there was a lot of talk about the Pirelli tyre. Was it capable of handling the pressure of a banked corner? Because not all data of the circuit was available yet, there was a lot of uncertainty.

No revolution at Zandvoort

''At the beginning of 2020, when Zandvoort was just on the calendar, we had a very premature simulation. The teams were not sure what was going to happen. The circuit was not yet finished, they were working on the two banked corners and most of the track. I believe we now have much better information, but also a better product. For this reason we don't need another construction at Zandvoort'', Mario Isola said to Motorsport.com.

The corners are tricky, according to the Pirelli chief, but not a big problem for the tyres. ''We see in the simulations that the tires in the corners with banking are clearly more loaded than in a flat corner. But in terms of absolute numbers, there are circuits that are just as hard on the tires. And in the end there are only two banked corners. They have an influence on the regulations, but there is no revolution in that area", concludes Isola.

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