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Thursday's summary: Verstappen launches helmet, orange Hamilton

Thursday's summary: Verstappen launches helmet, orange Hamilton

02-09-2021 20:53 Last update: 21:10


Formula 1 continues its season this weekend in the Netherlands, where the Dutch GP in Zandvoort is on the programme. Max Verstappen will try to overtake Lewis Hamilton in the world championship. As always, Thursday was all about the press conferences.

FIA not looking at track limits at Zandvoort

A day before the first two free practices at Zandvoort the FIA announced that it will not be looking at track limits this weekend. The regulation body of Formula 1 only states that the car has to return to the asphalt safely. It is a unique situation for Formula 1.

Hamilton in orange

The Dutch race fans may boo him, but that didn't stop Hamilton from starting the race weekend on a positive note. The British driver decided to show up at the track dressed all in orange, showing he is open to the Dutch culture. It is not the first time Hamilton has stood out with his clothing style.

Verstappen comes with special helmet

Verstappen has made it a tradition in recent years to have a special helmet developed for his home races. Where he did this earlier in the season during the Grands Prix of Austria and Belgium, he has a new variant on his head this weekend. On his helmet the red-white-blue flag can be seen.

No rain during the race

The drivers will be hoping for no rain this weekend unlike last weekend in Belgium when the race direction decided to stop the Grand Prix. For now, the forecasts are positive as it should stop raining during the race. It is expected that the drivers will get into their cars on Sunday afternoon with a temperature of around 23 degrees.

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