Call from drivers: 'Please stop using flares in the stands'

02-09-2021 16:26
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Call from drivers: 'Please stop using flares in the stands'

Whenever there is a large amount of Verstappen fans present, orange flares are set off in the stands. We have seen so many at Spa, twice in Austria, and in all probability, the fans with fireworks will be there again at Zandvoort. However, not every Formula 1 driver is happy about this. Some are even calling for them to stop.

The criticism on the use of the torches by fans was sparked by Mick Schumacher, who made his plea to the journalists of Autosport his plea. "I hope they're not as many flares because like in Spa, it just all came on to the track."

Schumacher continued: "It also smells very badly, and it sits in the cockpit all the time. So yeah, guys, let's keep it to a minimum, please." Esteban Ocon, driver at Alpine and brand new race winner, concurs with Schumacher's opinion. "We couldn't see anything in one corner the whole race," he believes.

Tastes like orange

In the other camp, we find, among others, Sebastian Vettel. Looking ahead to the race weekend in the dunes, he hopes to spot the flares precisely. "Taste a lot of orange," jokes Vettel

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