Verstappen doesn't like special winners trophy in Zandvoort: 'It is ugly'

02-09-2021 12:19 | Updated: 02-09-2021 14:29
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Verstappen doesn't like special winners trophy in Zandvoort: 'It is ugly'

When the Zandvoort circuit underwent a major renovation, there were hopes that the drivers would be able to go through the Arie Luyendyk corner with open DRS. The last corner of the circuit is now a banked corner, which makes it easier for the drivers to get out of the corner at full throttle.

However, the FIA announced on Wednesday that the DRS would only open after the corner, to prevent any accidents. Max Verstappen concurs. "I do understand that they first want to see what it's like when you open the DRS after the corner," Verstappen explained in the press conference prior to the Dutch Grand Prix, during which were present.

Verstappen not a fan of the new trophy

Verstappen is the crowd favourite at Zandvoort and given the exciting fight between the Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton, an important battle could be fought this weekend. Some fans in Hungary and elsewhere have already demonstrated their thoughts and feelings this season with boos. 

Verstappen would rather not see the same boos on the circuit between the dunes. "It would be wrong if that gives me a boost," said the Dutchman. If he wins this weekend, he will receive a special trophy. It is made entirely of recycled material, but Verstappen himself is not a fan of the new mug. "It's ugly," Verstappen concluded succinctly.

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