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Jos about Hamilton reception: 'Hope fans handle it professionally'

Jos about Hamilton reception: 'Hope fans handle it professionally'

02-09-2021 08:45 Last update: 11:30


This weekend the Dutch Grand Prix is finally going to happen. After a lot of hassle on and off the circuit the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort is on the program this weekend. Just like everyone else in the country, Jos Verstappen can't hide his enthusiasm.

According to Radio 538, the Dutchman said that the Verstappen family has been looking forward to this moment for a long time. "It's incredibly exciting, we've been looking forward to it for a long time. It's always the best to drive in your own country, in front of your own fans. We do see those fans show up at more races, but of course it's even more special now that it's going to happen in Zandvoort."

Verstappen Sr was also asked about the crash at Silverstone and what he expects from the Dutch fans next weekend at Zandvoort.

"The crash was one thing, but the way he reacted after the race I didn't like that much. And I think a lot of fans see it that way. We do hope the fans at Zandvoort will handle it professionally. That they don't just boo, but also have respect for Lewis. Max will sort that out on the track, how he deals with Lewis.

Emotions will certainly be there for Verstappen

What if Max Verstappen wins the race in Zandvoort, in front of 70.000 Dutch fans? Then Jos will know what time it is.

"If it happens in Holland with so many home fans, I think those emotions will be there for sure. Also with the audience, it can't get any better. And of course Max is touched by it as well, you will see on Sunday when he will be on the podium. I'm sure that when you see the orange fans and the orange smoke bombs going off, it's an incentive."

Starting tomorrow, the weekend at Zandvoort will begin. From then on, the stands will be 66% filled with fans, who will be dressed mostly in orange and will be hoping Verstappen crosses the line first on Sunday.

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