DRS in Zandvoort banked turn after all? "Then it will happen immediately"

01-09-2021 16:36 | Updated: 01-09-2021 17:38
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DRS in Zandvoort banked turn after all? Then it will happen immediately

The Zandvoort circuit is an exciting track, but not the ideal one for overtaking. The qualifying on Saturday will therefore be extra important. To top it all off, we already reported that the FIA had decided to shorten the DRS zone in the Arie Luyendyk. After the race weekend in the dunes, they would analyse whether this would be a realistic option for the future.

Could DRS be open at Arie Luyendykbocht after all?

Jan Lammers was not really surprised by the decision of the FIA, he says at Motorsport.com. "I think it's actually quite normal that they want to look at the data first and hear the reactions of the drivers. I think it's sensible that they make that choice and that they want to analyse the facts first."

Still, the sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix does see it happening that DRS will be allowed in the Luyendyk corner even this race weekend. "I don't know how quickly they can change it and now I'm talking spontaneously for a moment, but it could well be that they have seen enough on Friday night that the DRS can be opened earlier."


The simulation previously attempted to get an idea of the possibility of being able to open up DRS at the Arie Luyendyk corner. However, according to the FIA, the simulation is not enough as the difference in height is difficult to simulate. But as said, Lammers doesn't rule out the possibility that we'll see it this weekend at Zandvoort: "I think the FOM will be the first to adjust it if they see it's safe to do. Then it will happen immediately."

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