Environmental organisation receives death threats from Formula 1 fans

01-09-2021 08:44 | Updated: 01-09-2021 08:59
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Environmental organisation receives death threats from Formula 1 fans

In the midst of the dispute between the organisers of the Zandvoort Grand Prix and environmental organisations, which yesterday ended in summary proceedings decided in favour of the event, the environmental organisation Mobilisation for the Environment (MOB) received several death threats from Formula 1 fans, according to Johan Vollenbroek.

In conversation with makers from Dutch radio show With an Eye on Tomorrow Vollenbroek says he received several emails from Formula 1 fans with a clearly threatening tone. "Some of them really cross the line, those are just death threats," the expert said.

The expert says he is not yet sure whether MOB wants to file a formal complaint against the senders. He explains: "We have handed over a number of emails to the police. We still have to decide whether to make a formal report of it."

Nothing personal

Vollenbroek also stresses that he has nothing against the event in the dunes as such, but that he sees it as his duty to hold big polluters in every sector accountable. Vollenbroek: "We just have to stick to the rules. A large part of nature is dying out because of high emissions. Everyone has to contribute something to lower emissions."

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