Racing in the rain: "You just have to take your foot off the gas

31-08-2021 06:48 | Updated: 31-08-2021 08:50
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Racing in the rain: You just have to take your foot off the gas

The Belgian Grand Prix was finally flagged off last Sunday after a few laps behind the Safety Car. Racing under these circumstances was not possible according to the race director, but Servus TV's Gerhard Berger thinks otherwise.

Rain in Belgium

Where Formula 1 used to be known as the race class where they can drive in the rain, there was no sign of that on Sunday. It wasn't raining very hard on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, but the spray from the cars was too bad to race in. Berger is fed up with this.

''When you see a podium picture with trophies in the newspaper, it's just not appropriate. The situation was tricky, I understand that, but we just have to decide whether to drive in the rain or not. Americans have decided with NASCAR that they simply don't drive in the rain. You know where it's dangerous in terms of aquaplaning. In my career, it was that critical once, but then we decided it was tough, but we would race,'' Berger said.

Pressure on race control

''I think it was possible to drive, but it was dangerous. However, we have good run-off lanes. Then if the water can flow away slightly, then it's possible. You just have to take your foot off the gas. In our day, there was clear leadership. Bernie Ecclestone did have a decision to make. He was very clear.''

Berger understands race director Michael Masi but also looks to the fans. ''Masi is doing a good job. In a case like this, there are big issues in terms of safety and much more. However, it's the fans who sit in the rain for ten hours and don't get to see anything, that shouldn't be the case. It is always easy to talk the day after, but in my opinion Formula 1 should just drive in the rain'', concludes the Austrian.

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