'Hamilton will be hard to beat in second half of season'

26-08-2021 20:13 | Updated: 26-08-2021 21:46
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'Hamilton will be hard to beat in second half of season'

There was a fierce battle at Silverstone between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. In Zandvoort, there will be a lot of Dutch fans present, something that Verstappen can draw strength from.

Also in Hungary, Max Verstappen had bad luck due to a crash caused by Valtteri Bottas. In Zandvoort, thousands of Dutch fans will be present to cheer on Verstappen. Surely this will make him stronger?

"They’re allowing around 70,000 people into this facility every day and you’re right, a lot of them will be Max Verstappen fans", analyst Martin Brundle told Sky Sports. "It helps when there are plenty of Union Jacks on display in the stands, but you know Lewis Hamilton is so experienced, so wise."

Hamilton hard to beat

With eight points ahead in the championship, everything is still open in the battle, but according to Brundle, it will be difficult for Verstappen to beat Hamilton. The driver has a lot of experience and of course world titles.

"He knows what he’s got to do and he knows how to win a World Championship, of course with seven of them already in his pocket. I think he’s going to be really tough to beat in the second half of the year", Brundle concludes.

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