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'With a car like this we would have been in the same situation last year'

'With a car like this we would have been in the same situation last year'

26-08-2021 07:49 Last update: 08:53

Max Verstappen is trying to improve himself every year but believes that it is Red Bull Racing's good car that will allow Max to compete for the title this year. At Verstappen talks about this development and the arrival of his new teammate.

Verstappen is now in his seventh season in Formula 1, and although he is still considered a great talent, he has already gained a lot of experience. He seems to get better every year, but when asked whether it's the car that has improved so much, or whether he's making progress himself, the Dutchman is clear.

Development of Verstappen

''It's mainly the car that has made a step forward. If we had a car like that last year we would be in a similar situation. I try to improve every year, but now it's more about the experience you gain every year that allows you to make that difference, or that you can respond better to certain things'', Verstappen said.

In 2021, Verstappen also got an experienced teammate in Sergio Perez, who can help him develop the car as well as possible together. ''We both give feedback on the car. We are working towards the same goal and that is always good for the team in my opinion. We both want the same thing from the car to go faster, and that all works very well'', concludes Verstappen.

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