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Ecclestone: Red Bull made a costly mistake at Silverstone

Ecclestone: "Red Bull made a costly mistake at Silverstone"

25-08-2021 18:49 Last update: 20:35


Bernie Ecclestone can always be relied on when it comes to making clever statements. He has commented on the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on several occasions, but as far as he is concerned there is a clear favourite at the start of the second half of the season.

Hamilton may have finished the first half of the season as championship leader, but Ecclestone does not see him as the biggest contender for the title. "I would put my money on Max," the former Formula One boss told Auto, Motor und Sport. "He is doing a great job, and seems to have the best car at the moment."

Ecclestone believes Red Bull made crucial mistake at Silverstone

However, he does think it will be a close battle throughout the rest of the season. "Max will start winning races that Lewis can't win and vice versa," Ecclestone continued. "In the end, the number of mistakes made could be decisive."

The 90-year-old Briton does believe Red Bull Racing made a costly mistake at Silverstone, although he believes it lay not in the fight between Verstappen and Hamilton, but in the aftermath. "The stewards put the blame on Hamilton. Red Bull should have focused on the penalty given in the revision and demanded a higher penalty. I would have given a twenty second stop-and-go," said Ecclestone.

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