Vasseur gets green light from Alfa Romeo to sign star driver contract

22-08-2021 10:53 | Updated: 22-08-2021 14:32
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Vasseur gets green light from Alfa Romeo to sign star driver contract

Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur expects the team to attract a star driver. Alfa Romeo currently have Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi as drivers, but they could both be replaced in 2022.

Bottas a contender, while Giovinazzi improves

Much seems to depend on what Mercedes does with its 2022 lineup. Should Valtteri Bottas be replaced by George Russell, the Finn is one of the main drivers Vasseur has his eye on for Alfa Romeo.

Despite looking around at which drivers are available in 2022, Vasseur admitted Giovinazzi has made a step forward. "Antonio is doing a very good job in qualy when Kimi is probably a bit more on the tough side. And it's the opposite in the race. And very often he is compensating the gap with Antonio in the opening laps," Vasseur told

Vasseur doesn't want to spread lies

According to Vasseur, it is important to be honest with potential new drivers so as not to create unfair expectations. "If you have a common project and you're very clear with them, then [you] say 'guys, I don't want to b*llsh*t you, we won't be able to win in 2022, even in 2023, but at least we want to make two or three positions a year and we want to improve'," Vasseur said.

For Vasseur, all the lights are green from Alfa Romeo to attract a star driver. "Now I have to do my job to be able to convince them," the Frenchman concluded.

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