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Ocon on Le Mans: 'If the opportunity arises, I can't say no'

Ocon on Le Mans: 'If the opportunity arises, I can't say no'

21-08-2021 15:52 Last update: 18:16


Esteban Ocon will be at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend which has just kicked off. The Frenchman took an interest in the world and reveals that he has had discussions about it with teammate Fernando Alonso.

Alpine's Formula One drivers, as well as management and other drivers from different categories, will be at Le Mans this weekend for a demonstration with the F1 car. The French driver remains fully focused on his dream of one day becoming Formula One world champion, but he has also expressed an interest in endurance racing. Ocon says he would like to race here in the future if the opportunity arises.

"Never say never. At the moment I am fully focused on Formula 1, because my main goal is to race in F1 as much as possible and win titles. It's my dream and it's what I want to do. But never say never. If the opportunity arises, I can't say no," Ocon said in a press conference attended by Soymotor.com.

Ocon is excited about Le Mans

The Frenchman continued: "I talked a lot with Fernando and Laurent about endurance. If I'm not mistaken, Fernando has won here twice and knows a lot about it. I was very interested in the differences we can see between F1 and Le Mans. Although I follow it, I don't know all the details and we talked about it for four hours on the flight to Baku. He gave me very good information. I will find out more about the race today."

"I've only just arrived, but I'm very excited. Being at Le Mans is fantastic, it feels like a home race. It's very interesting because it's one of the biggest races in the world. The fact that it's in France makes me prouder, a lot of people come and there's a lot of interest. There are big brands, like Alpine, competing in the race. For me it's fantastic to be fully involved with the team, I enjoy it", he added.

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