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Bottas on bad luck: 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry'

Bottas on bad luck: 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry'

19-08-2021 12:48 Last update: 15:47


With just one half of the 2021 season under his belt, Valtteri Bottas' position at Mercedes is once again in jeopardy. Where he already failed to convince in 2020, this year his form again leaves much to be desired. In a new interview, the Finn looks back on his time at Mercedes and the pressure he has been under since.

"When I came to Mercedes, I followed in big footsteps. After all, I replaced the world champion. You're always under pressure in this sport, but that was a big step in my career", Bottas begins in conversation with Speedweek. "I always had to make the most of my position to get a contract extension. In Formula 1, you have to constantly prove yourself. Over the years you get used to this pressure."

Much of this pressure comes from the hand of Lewis Hamilton, with whom Bottas has had to constantly compete. "It is not easy to be his stable mate. Because he's pretty quick in qualifying, but above all in the race. He made me want to get even more out of myself. I know: I can only beat him if I give absolutely everything. On the one hand it is extremely exhausting, on the other hand it is also very motivating."

This hurts the most

Yet it is the bad luck as well as the mistakes that are the most painful in the driver's memory. "When the bad luck comes along, I often don't know whether to cry or laugh", he states.

"Ultimately, there are things that you cannot influence, so you have to leave it all behind you. What hurts me the most: When I've made a mistake myself and know that I could have made more of a race", Bottas concludes.

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