'Verstappen has just as much of a fighter's mentality as Hamilton'

17-08-2021 07:24 | Updated: 17-08-2021 10:16
by GPblog.com
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'Verstappen has just as much of a fighter's mentality as Hamilton'

Max Verstappen may have lost the lead in the standings, but it's clear that we're in for a title fight in 2021. According to Giedo van der Garde, Verstappen is having a super strong season and it's clear that Lewis Hamilton will have to work very hard to keep his results coming in.

Verstappen may have lost the lead in the standings after two lesser races, but Van der Garde doesn't think the Dutchman will stew on that. He was finally able to fight it out with Hamilton in the first half of the season, winning often enough. It bodes well for the rest of the season.

No worries for Verstappen

''It's only eight points. Those eight points don't really matter. Of course, it is nice to be first in the championship going into the summer break, but those eight points are peanuts. As things stand there are still twelve races to go. There are still so many points to be scored'', the former Formula 1 driver told Motorsport.com.

''I think Max is just super strong in everything he does this season. He performs insanely well on the track. Even after such a heavy crash at Silverstone. He arrived in Budapest and went straight to the fastest time in the first practice session. That says something about his mental strength. I think Max has the same fighting spirit as Lewis. It's great to see the two of them fighting for it.

Pressure on Hamilton

Hamilton will have to really get going for the first time in years. Between 2014 and 2016, he faced resistance from teammate Nico Rosberg, but since the arrival of Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton has had it relatively easy. So with Verstappen in a strong RB16B you notice that it takes a lot more energy out of Hamilton.

''He really has to fight for what he is worth. I don't think he has it easy. You saw that after the race in Hungary on the podium and in the press conference. Lewis shouts the whole year that he enjoys the fight, but at the same time it costs him a lot of energy. He has to give everything. And meanwhile he doesn't make it easy for himself and the team doesn't make it easy for him either, but he gives it his all. You can see he's going for it and fighting hard," concludes Van der Garde.

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