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Russell praises Hamilton: 'I remember it from my time with Mercedes'

Russell praises Hamilton: 'I remember it from my time with Mercedes'

12-08-2021 12:17 Last update: 15:28


The rumours surrounding George Russell and Mercedes have been around for over a year. The young Brit from Williams has belonged to the Mercedes brand for quite some time and has good ties with the German team. While Valtteri Bottas is struggling at the team, Russell seems to be in form at Williams.

So according to various media outlets, it's also only a matter of time before Russell will sign with Mercedes and become Lewis Hamilton's teammate. "I think Lewis is the best driver on the grid. Because I've been part of the Mercedes team, I know what he's doing," Russell explained in a conversation with Motorsport-Total.

Best driver in the best car

"The best drivers often get the best seats and even if every car was exactly the same, he would still be fighting for the world title, there's no doubt about that," Russell explains. The seven-time world champion is one win away from the magic 100 wins and has been rewriting the record books during his time at Mercedes.

Russell aims to drive alongside the Brit next year when the new regulations come into effect. For now, Russell will have to make do with the Williams car where he scored his first points for the team in Hungary. The Brit is looking forward to the new 2022 rules, where such performances should become more normal. "I think we are all looking forward to it. We want a more level playing field and for the best driver to win in the end."

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