Hamilton Dismisses Rosberg Criticism: 'Some People Need Headlines'

22-03-2018 13:06
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Hamilton Dismisses Rosberg Criticism: 'Some People Need Headlines'

Lewis Hamilton had been called "a bit inconsistent" by his former teammate Nico Rosberg but dismissed the comments when he was asked about them.

Rosberg may have been retired for more than a year, but he still knows how to get under Hamilton's skin. In a column, Rosberg discussed the ability of the man from Stevenage, and while doing so he called him "inconsistent". Hamilton was asked about the ups and downs in his form (without mentioning Rosberg specifically), and his response showed that he was clearly a bit annoyed with his (ex) friend.

"I think I proved last year that consistency isn't an issue," the four-time champion said.

"There's a lot of people that need to get their headlines, I guess this is a way of getting them."

"This year the goal is to be even more consistent than last year."

"Consistency won me the championship last season."

After, Hamilton was asked about the course of his career, and whether he's peaked as a driver.

"I hope not," the 33-year-old responded. 

"Sure, there's a peak for a pilot; when fitness levels become harder to reach, when your interest isn't as high anymore, when your driving skills start to go, that's when you're past your peak."

"I'm in a good place right now, which is why I need to get as much out myself as I can."

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