De Vries on F1 rumours: 'I don't know more than that'

05-08-2021 18:23 | Updated: 05-08-2021 19:10
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De Vries on F1 rumours: 'I don't know more than that'

Dutch driver Nyck de Vries is currently leading the Formula E championship, and next week, the final two races of the championship are scheduled. However, that isn't the only thing the Dutchman is getting attention for in the media at the moment.

Rumour has it that De Vries is the top candidate for the Williams seat. George Russell would replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes next season, leaving a vacant seat at Williams.

In an interview with Ziggo Sport, Jack Plooij asked De Vries if these were just rumours or if there are actually talks going on. "I only read what you have to say and what the media picks up. Of course it is nice for me to read that there is talk about me and that they link me to Williams", De Vries said on camera.

De Vries says he doesn't know anything about it

He continued: "I'm also honoured that Toto [Wolff] is praising our performance on the track, so that's good to hear. But at the same time I'm happy with where I am now and what I can do now. The most important thing for us now is to finish it in Berlin."

So no concrete offers yet, he is asked? "I don't know more than that," says De Vries with a smile. Mercedes have said they will make a decision about their second driver during the summer break, so then we will find out if Williams indeed have to go looking for a new driver.

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