Valentino Rossi retires from MotoGP after impressive career

05-08-2021 15:47 | Updated: 05-08-2021 17:02
Valentino Rossi retires from MotoGP after impressive career

Valentino Rossi has announed he will retire from MotoGP after this season. The Italian rider announced this in a special press conference prior to the Austrian Grand Prix. The 42-year-old legend has had enough after 26 seasons and will not return to the grid in 2022.

Rossi has won the title in MotoGP nine times, an unmatched number by anyone in history. He has stood on the podium 236 times to date, 115 of which were victories. This season, however, has not gone so smoothly. Rossi is 19th in the standings with just 17 points.

Rossi explains decision

"I've had a long career and many victories. There are some wins that are unforgettable. It's a difficult decision, but you have to understand that in all sports the results make the difference," the Yamaha rider revealed at the press event. "I have to say to my fans that I have always done my utmost to stay at the top. I have incredible support from all over the world, that makes me proud."

Rossi's inability to fight near the front in 2021 has influenced his decision, he added."When I started the championship I wanted to continue but with the thought that results will make my decision and the results didn't come."

Switch to cars

The record-breaking champion will race cars next year, although no contract has been signed with a new team as of yet. Rossi has already indicated that he does not want to race at the same high level as MotoGP, but is instead looking for a lower level of competition.

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