"I think Lewis needs a bit of time to recover"

02-08-2021 13:43 | Updated: 02-08-2021 14:42
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I think Lewis needs a bit of time to recover

Lewis Hamilton must have looked around in amazement during the red flag break. Just about every driver who could have posed a danger to him on track was either out of the race, or so battered that they couldn't possibly make things difficult for the current world champion in the race. An incomprehensible team selection by Mercedes meant the Brit found himself back in last place after the restart.

Crucial for rest of season

In the end, Hamilton managed to finish third on the track and move up another spot after Sebastian Vettel's disqualification. After the race Hamilton did not appear at the interviews. He wasn't feeling well, sort of proving how much strength Hamilton must have lost in his race.

Nevertheless, Hamilton is 'just' back on top of the rankings. Paul di Resta, who works for Sky Sports F1, is certainly hoping for a return to normal racing after two races in which Mercedes drivers knocked off Red Bull drivers at Spa. Speaking on Sky Sports, he said: "What I would like to see is the bad luck out of the way for both of the guys and just seeing them properly going at it. Strategy, wheel-to-wheel racing. There’s a big race coming up in Spa next which I’m sure is gonna prove to be very crucial into where they’re gonna go for the remainder of the season."


"Because with three weeks off, everyone just recharges and everybody thinks a bit different and from there it gets very busy. It’s just nice to see the championship id still so close on the top, even at the back of those two difficult races that Verstappen has had. I think Lewis needs a little bit of time to recover. I think he looked very weak and physically wrecked after that race. You could see how much he put into it, so probably the right time this summer break has come up and I think everybody just needs that time to reflect on how they’ve done,” Di Resta said.

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