Hamilton: 'I've never felt so great with the booing'

31-07-2021 15:30 | Updated: 31-07-2021 15:31
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Hamilton: 'I've never felt so great with the booing'

Lewis Hamilton stormed to pole position in qualifying today, beating out Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen to the top spot. The Brit was more than happy with his performance today and so far this weekend.

"It was an amazing qualifying lap. It's been amazing teamwork from everyone this weekend, Valtteri included," Hamilton explained to Johnny Herbert. "Trying to push the car forwards, developing, the guys in the factory not leaving a stone unturned. It's been amazing seeing everyone coming together and pushing forward."

When asked about how the booing affects him, Hamilton explained how it only fuels him, saying: "I've never felt so great with the booing, if anything The booing just fuels me."

Finally, when questioned about the tyre strategies for tomorrow, Hamilton gave his thoughts. "I think the soft tyre is worth 5 meters into turn one, it's surprising to see the guys behind us on the soft tyres. Everyone is on the softs behind us so we'll see. It's amazing to have a lockout for the first time in a long time. I hope the weather is good for everyone tomorrow."

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