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Verstappen in fighting spirit: We’ll go for the win, that’s the target

Verstappen in fighting spirit: "We’ll go for the win, that’s the target"

30-07-2021 07:51 Last update: 09:03


Max Verstappen, along with Red Bull Racing, has a chance to bounce back at the Hungarian Grand Prix, after suffering a major setback with Mercedes almost completely closing the gap in both championships.

The Hungaroring has some special memories for Verstappen. For example, his father Jos Verstappen stood on the podium there in 1994. "Yeah, that was a great moment and we still sometimes talk about it," says the Red Bull driver in conversation with Verstappen.com. "We sometimes travel to the Hungaroring to do some private driving with our own cars because it’s a beautiful track. In general, Hungary and especially Budapest are really nice. I always like coming here."

Challenges at track that suits Red Bull

The Hungarian circuit has historically suited Red Bull's car well. Where does Verstappen think the biggest challenge lies? "The second sector, the most twisty one. Everyone will use high downforce because the corners speed is more important than the straight," he explains.

"Because the corners succeed each other quickly, a small mistake can lead to problems in the next corner, so you can lose a lot of time. That's where you can lose a lot of time", he continues. What's the goal? "We’ll go for the win, that’s the target. Hopefully we can continue the good results we’ve had so far”, the 23-year old Dutchman concluded.

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