Mercedes: 'To really overtake Red Bull, we'd have to invest more'

29-07-2021 19:25 | Updated: 29-07-2021 20:33
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Mercedes: 'To really overtake Red Bull, we'd have to invest more'

Thanks to the upgrades Mercedes brought to Silverstone, and Max Verstappen's crash, Lewis Hamilton ended up winning the Grand Prix at Silverstone in the final few laps. The updates didn't necessarily seem to be a big improvement right away, however.

Still, technical director James Allison is positive about the updates the car has received. This he says to However, it was the last package of this season.

"That was the last big package we used this year. From now on, new parts will only be used if it is foreseeable that we can efficiently achieve more performance without being distracted from our big project for next year's car."

Improving performance Mercedes

Because, according to Allison, these improvements were indeed there. Yet that was not just down to the new updates. "On the one hand, we were at a circuit where the car has always worked well. We also improved on the aerodynamic side. Compared to the rest of the field, we improved at Silverstone and caught up with Red Bull. The result was significantly better."

Allison also knows that more is needed to really overtake Red Bull. "To really catch up or pass, we would need to invest even more work," he said. In Hungary, especially now that Verstappen might be able to finish the whole race, we will really see if the performance has improved.

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