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Verstappen got phone call from Hamilton: 'Don't need to go into details'

Verstappen got phone call from Hamilton: 'Don't need to go into details'

29-07-2021 14:22 Last update: 14:52


Max Verstappen will be looking for a return to glory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Dutchman collided hard with competitor Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone and hopes to give his rival a hard time just before the summer break. In any case he is fully recovered from the crash of two weeks ago.

"It's going well, the first days after the crash I was a bit sore, but it's getting better and better. I've even been training harder than ever," he says in conversation with Formule1.nl among others at the press conference.

On Thursday afternoon there will be a video meeting in which Red Bull and Mercedes can tell their side of the story once more. The Austrian formation will then also likely come up with new evidence in order to revise Hamilton's punishment. Verstappen is trying not to worry too much about it. The only thing that counts for him is the 26 points on offer at the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest.

Verstappen has given it a place

"The outcome cannot be changed now anyway. Especially the fact that we lost so many points is a shame. There's not much else to say. I hit the wall hard at Silverstone, you never want that. The goal now is to have a good weekend here", Verstappen continued.

Verstappen did speak to his World Championship rival Hamilton by phone after the Grand Prix at Silverstone. "Yes, he called me. We don't have to go into details, we spoke to each other," said the Dutchman, who also briefly commented on his Instagram post from the hospital. Hamilton was celebrating his victory and Verstappen thought that was disrespectful.

"What I meant with disrespectful: you don't celebrate when you've pushed someone into the wall with 51G. That's no way to celebrate a victory, I didn't think that was very respectful. I wouldn't want to be seen like that then," he concluded.

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