Marko: 'Suspension for next race would be appropriate punishment for Hamilton'

28-07-2021 13:57 | Updated: 28-07-2021 15:44
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Marko: 'Suspension for next race would be appropriate punishment for Hamilton'

It is now known that Red Bull's team is contesting the penalty given to Lewis Hamilton for touching and disabling Max Verstappen at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

Marko has given some more information to RTL Marko some more information on why information is available for a review of Hamilton's punishment.

"We are bringing forward new facts/evidence that were not available to us at the time of the suspension of the race, or when the whole thing was settled, partly because we were focused on what is going on with Max and how he was doing." This, according to Marko, is where Mercedes and Red Bull will discuss on Thursday during the review.

"Those facts will be put forward at the meeting on Thursday and we hope it will lead to a reassessment of the penalty. We have images, but the most important thing is that we will come up with new evidence, but you have to understand that I cannot disclose the exact details."

What is an appropriate punishment according to Marko?

Because that question was logically asked of him. The answer to that was clear. "Appropriate is a penalty that would have prevented a win. A suspension for the next race. Something along those lines."

Tomorrow Red Bull will tell its side of the story and show why Hamilton deserves a bigger punishment than he has currently received. After that, the weekend in Hungary is already upon us, where Red Bull and Verstappen will be looking to take sporting revenge.

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