Plooij on Silverstone: "That hurt the Verstappens too much"

28-07-2021 09:25 | Updated: 28-07-2021 11:05
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Plooij on Silverstone: That hurt the Verstappens too much

As we look ahead to another, probably exhilarating, race weekend in Hungary, everyone will be wondering if we will see a new chapter in the fierce battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Will there be retribution for the move Hamilton made on the Dutchman at Silverstone? Or will it stay clean and respectful between both gentlemen?

Lewis didn't know

In the F1 Nations Podcast, Jack Plooij is our guest this week, and he tells Damon Hill again what irritated Verstappen so much about the British Grand Prix: "The hottest thing about that Sunday was that Lewis was partying and Max was in hospital. That hurt the Verstappen's too much."

Plooij now suspects Hamilton was not so euphoric as to play mind games. The Ziggo Sports pit reporter has another explanation: "Lewis was in front of me [after the race] and I said to him 'do you know Max is in hospital?' And then he looked to the left, where Rosa [his press officer] was standing. And I had a bit of a feeling that maybe Lewis didn't know exactly what the situation was at that moment. I'm not sure, but it kind of makes sense."

Lewis not the type

Damon Hill thinks the same: "No, he wasn't told that. Maybe they should have let him know." Plooij then goes on to break another lance for Hamilton: "I don't know Lewis as well as you do, but I speak to him every race. He's not the type of guy to do this."

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