Bottas: 'Leaving Mercedes would be new chapter in my career'

26-07-2021 13:11 | Updated: 26-07-2021 15:10
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Bottas: 'Leaving Mercedes would be new chapter in my career'

Who will drive next to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next season? It remains the big question and there is still no answer. The rumour machine is in full swing and George Russell is said to have already signed for Mercedes as a replacement for Valtteri Bottas.

New chapter for Bottas

Bottas himself has so far dismissed all rumours as nonsense, but on he does elaborate on the possibility that he might have to leave Mercedes after this season. "It's all very hypothetical, but it would definitely require a different mindset," the Finn says of the situation of driving at another team next year.

"It would be a completely new chapter in the career and I think your mental approach would be different," continued the nine-time Grand Prix winner. "Most likely I would not be fighting for the wins and the title, at least in the beginning, so it would be a new project."

Still a lot of years to go

In any case, Bottas does not envisage a departure from Formula 1, whether he stays with Mercedes or not. "I know what I want. I want to stay with the team. I think that's the best chance for me to win races next year and fight for the title."

Still, Bottas is not negative about switching to another team. "It could also be very interesting. Of course, I will then look at other options in Formula 1, because I love Formula 1. I enjoy it and I still think I have quite a few years ahead of me." Bottas is less likely to see a move to another racing class, such as rallying. "Never say never, but at the moment I'm completely focused on Formula 1."

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