Crowds at GP Hungary: tens of thousands of fans expected

26-07-2021 09:14 | Updated: 26-07-2021 10:49
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Crowds at GP Hungary: tens of thousands of fans expected

Next weekend in Hungary the first half of the season will be completed. It is the last race before the summer break and the first race since the crash of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman will be looking for sporting revenge in Hungary.

He will do this on a circuit where many fans will be present. During the European Football Championship, we saw that the stadium in Hungary was filled to the last seat. This will not be the case during the Grand Prix next weekend. There will be tens of thousands of fans in the stands during the race.

That is not as many as during the Silverstone Grand Prix but it is better than having no fans at all. These fans will mainly be present during the race, although there will also be fans at the other sessions.

Verstappen vs Hamilton

These fans will see how Verstappen and Hamilton interact both on and off track. Since the incident at Silverstone, both drivers have only spoken on the phone. So it will be the first race on track after the crash of the Dutchman.

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