Alonso wants more changes in Formula 1: 'Then it's the same for everyone'

23-07-2021 21:27 | Updated: 23-07-2021 21:47
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Alonso wants more changes in Formula 1: 'Then it's the same for everyone'

The sprint races were shown for the first time during the British Grand Prix. Before the race, the concept got a lot of criticism, but after the race, there was positivism from both the drivers and the Formula 1 fans.

Fernando Alonso also noticed that the sprint race worked extremely well within motorsport. Not only did it provide more excitement for the spectators, but it also gave the drivers themselves an extra opportunity to get the most out of their weekend. The Spaniard hopes that the sprint races will be continued.

Indeed, the two-time world champion thinks Formula 1 could make more parts of the sport more exciting. "If anything, I would suggest making Fridays a bit more exciting as well," Alonso told "You know, like with one set of tyres and one attempt for everyone, it gives us all the same chances. We shouldn't go to a reverse order or anything, I understand that that could be unfair. But if we all get one set of tyres and one chance, then it's the same for everyone."

World Championship standings

Alonso is currently eleventh in the world championship standings. The Alpine driver is only four points behind Sebastian Vettel.

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