Mercedes happy with updates: "We've gained some ground on Red Bull"

22-07-2021 20:11 | Updated: 22-07-2021 21:45
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Mercedes happy with updates: We've gained some ground on Red Bull

After being beaten five times in a row by Red Bull Racing, Mercedes triumphed in the British Grand Prix. Chief technical officer James Allison believes the updates he brought with him played an important role in the victory.

He tells that in Mercedes' debrief in a YouTube video. The team had announced updates prior to the race at the Silverstone circuit, and they have been seen as positive. "We brought a good aero package, and definitely saw an improvement in our performance," said Allison.

Mercedes says competitive weekend thanks to updates

"Whether it was better or less than we expected is hard to say," he continued. "Because we didn't have the luxury of a controlled experiment. Still, we were able to compare some things and it looked good. If we kept a stopwatch we could see that we had improved compared to the rest of the field."

According to Mercedes' CTO, the update has brought the team closer to Red Bull Racing. "We gained some ground on Red Bull and as a result we had a more competitive weekend. So we went home pretty elated," Allison said.

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